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Dedicated to women...

Dedicated to women...

Presented on April 27th in Cabras "I Giganti Rosa" (The Pink Giants) is the new born in the Contini house, a wine inspired by the female world, which proceeds will partly support the Association "Prospettiva Donna" (Woman Perspective) led by Patrizia Desole, one of eight centres recognized by the Sardinian Region Government that since several years has been supporting the battle against the gender-based violence in the territory.

"This is the third wine of I Giganti di Mont'e Prama line and comes at an important time for the company, its 120th year," says Monica Contini, "for this anniversary we felt it was important to celebrate women and the female principle through a product of the Earth". The Contini Winery, continues Monica, "has decided to materially support the Association Prospettiva Donna by donating part of the sales proceeds, proud that a glass of wine could tangibly contribute to save a woman or a child.”

"A great gesture of generosity and social value" for Patrizia Desole, president of the association Prospettiva Donna, perfectly summarized in the drip-free bottle, where’s also indicated the logo, address and website of the crises centre. "The support of the centres" continues Desole "requires a lot of resources and a cultural change, I would like to thank the Contini company for their strong symbolic signal supporting the battle against violence on women. We are striving to achieve gender equality, but there’s still a long way to go and a lot of work to do."

The speech of the oenologist Piero Cella was very emotional not only for its topics, but also for the presentation of the new born in the Contini house.
The first thought was for the team, defined "amazing" and for the enhancement of the territory that the Contini family has been promoting for years. The rosé project is a child of the entire staff of the winery. One more "giant", born to recall the female figure, very pleasant to drink. The wine comes from the encounter of two musts, one Cannonau based, trained on the Monte Arci hills at the Terre di Ossidiana Estates, and one Nieddera based, trained in the Sinis Peninsula.

The Cannonau, defined gentle, was harvested towards 10th September, on the other hand, the Nieddera, defined as seldom imbued with great tannicity, was harvested around 15th September. The two musts are blended together and fermented at 16°-18° C, a 10% of which in its turn has been fermented and matured in small oak barrels, partly used. Then, periodic bâtonnage with subsequent separation of the dregs and clarification. The outcome is a wine with no invasive elements, everything is balanced.

The sommelier Sofia Carta emphasizes the family and territorial identity of the products and of the project, common element with other regional wineries for the relaunch of rosé wines during this year. During the tasting she highlights its stylistic similarity with Provence rosé wines, highly appreciated worldwide. Looking at it in the glass it appears light pink, close to nectarine, transparent and gleaming, with legs revealing a not too alcoholic wine. On the nose it’s intense, complex and fine, with perceptions ranging from fruity, floral and mineral and a light closing note of pink pepper. On the palate it’s dry with a body proper of this wine typology, fresh, sapid with a hint of tannin. Overall, it's balanced and persistent with retro-olfactory perceptions in line with the bouquet. As a whole, it’s harmonious and ready.