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Black gold and the mistral

The Contini family’s estates extend for around 100 hectares along the Sinis peninsula, in the Tirso Valley and on the slopes of Mount Arci: they are located in a stunning part of the island, where the quality of the soil only goes to make it even more special.

The mild winters and hot summers, afforded some relief by the cool mistral wind, create the perfect microclimate in the Sinis area for growing Vernaccia and Nieddera grapes. Here, in the Lower Tirso Valley, the soil is made up of pebbles and clay with silty and sandy sediments. The company has a large number of vineyards which have been managed by a group of well-established growers for many generations now, in line with the local vine-growing tradition.

A second group of vineyards covering roughly 50 hectares lies inland from the Gulf of Oristano on the slopes of Mount Arci. This area, with its very hot and dry summers and its mild but wet winters, is home to mainly Vermentino and Cannonau vines. The soil, which is of volcanic origin, is what makes this area so special because it has a high percentage of obsidian. This shiny black volcanic glass has played an important part in the history of the area since Neolithic times. It was collected and used to make weapons and tools for cutting and working. For several millennia, up to the Bronze Age, obsidian was an essential resource, to the extent it was considered the “black gold” of the Mediterranean. This soil, rich in subsoil and loam, almost like talc due to the crumbling obsidian, gives Contini’s Cannonau and Vermentini wines a very original personality, strengthening its ties with the land even more.

Over the past couple of years, the Contini estate has begun enlarging its estate and is involved in several projects in different parts of Sardinia which have a history of fine wines.

Gallura vineyards: it has some hectares in northern Sardinia where it grows Vermentino di Gallura grapes. The soil, made up of weathered granite, gives the Vermentino a distinctive mineral flavour.

Barbagia vineyards: it has some hectares of Cannonau vineyards. The land, weathered granite soil lying 600 metres above sea level, produces an elegant, fine wine with unmistakable aromas.

Organically managed vineyards: based on a model of sustainable development which espouses the principles of safeguarding and promoting resources and the environment, the company cultivates a vineyard in the north west of the island. Its white soil, which radiates the sun, gives the wines a distinctive fine and elegant character.