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Manic about organic!

In Sardinian, Mamaioa means “ladybird”, a symbol of nature and the unspoiled natural environment.

Launched in 2010 to satisfy the needs of consumers who are increasingly demanding as regards the quality and wholesomeness of the products they choose, the Mamaioa project has given us two wines which are made with grapes grown according to the principles of integrated farming, with an extremely low sulphite content.

In 2015 the company redoubled its efforts, going from integrated to certified organic production, focusing even more attention on the different stages of the production process and the surrounding environment. In keeping with this philosophy, all grapes on the estates are grown with natural substances and no genetically modified organisms are used. During the winemaking process, only authorised products are used which respect the land and nature. The company’s organic wines, Mamaioa Vermentino di Sardegna DOC and Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, are the result of its efforts to produce quality wines while still respecting the land.